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Oh...The Horror
Your home for all things horror, supernatural, scary and downright creepy. Please send any show ideas, comments and suggestions to our email address oth@seriouslydecent.com

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Frank Touart

Fanatic of fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. I also love video games on consoles and PC. I'm a musician, golfer, founder of Seriously Decent Productions and co-creater of "Oh...The Horror" podcast.
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Jennifer Goodenough

Loves cooking, gardening, reading, and movies. I dig the horror genre, and the Supernatural. I love historical places- Salem Mass is my favorite city. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy, True Crime, and Mysteries. Co-creator of “Oh...The Horror” podcast.
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Dean Winchester

Creative Director of "Oh...The Horror" podcast. I love biscuits. I'm always thinking about biscuits; even when I'm not eating biscuits. I also love hugs, kisses, and biscuits.